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  • Edit: May Xu

    In Oct. 20th, 2014, Helior acheived TLC certificaiton, which is certified by China Industry and Information department Telecommunication Instute. It is a very important provement that HELIOR'S UPS are with good quality, capacity to support Telecommunication System. In China, lots of telecommuncation system ask for TLC certification of UPS. It is a great step for Helior to enter Chinese telecommunication system Market.
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    Our contact Information:  market@heliortec.com
    Russian Branch:  maryushkin@heliortec.com
    Italian Branch:  Rosella@heliortec.com
    Indonesia Branch:  alexander@heliortec.com

    Domestic Office国内办事处:
    河南办事处   马青军  18638023597
    北京办事处   周伟斌  13701237338
    贵州办事处   姚俊领  18786661121